5 Reasons Why CA is Better Than any other Course

As we all know CA’s are the king of financial world. Still many of you doubt about prestige of this course because of one or another reason. But as per my experience the respect you get after getting that CA Prefix before your name is unmatchable. Don’t go after the profession which earns you more money, Go for respect. I become CA after clearing CA in May 2013 and thereafter my life has changed completely. Now I am amongst the 2 lac chartered accountants in India. Now people start addressing me as CA Sahab instead of Jain Sahab (That they used to call me earlier). Some of my friends who have taken science argue me that now you become CA so why are you not earning in lakhs per month. My simple answer to them was

1. Why CA is better than B tech. :-

Although there is no match between CA and Engeneers still some blieve that engineers are more superior. If you keep aside IITians and some other prestigious colleges, After spending lakhs in B Tech, Engineers are not getting even a 10000 rs per month Job I have seen many live examples of that.

2. Why CA is better Than MBA ?

For this only statement of Ratan tata is Enough :- A statement by Ratan Tata in ET “I need MBA’s to run my business but i need CA’s to teach MBA’s how to run the business.!!


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Same as the case in engineering  If you spear IIMs . MBAs will only manage marketing jobs. MBAs are good in expressing themselves and they are thought only this during the course. ICAI has started many trainings only to cop up with this advantage


3. Why CA is Better Than CS , CWA :

Although CS , CWA are ment equalant to CAs but in term of opportunities CAs are way ahead . From Tax audits to Stat Audits. CAs have sole right to perform these complainces, Besides this there are many other services for which industries relies only On CAs.

The INCOME TAX ACT, 1961 says that AUDIT can only b done by… ONLY CAs!!!
Not by chote bhai(CWA),
Not choti behen(CS),
Not kale kottwale(LAWYERS),
Not by Lutte-pitte MBA’S…


4. Why CA is Better Than LLB ?

Though some of lawyer are earning in crores but still there is very less scope for any young aspirant unless his father has  a well Established Practise.

And LLB is also much easier than CA . Same has been said by our finance minister

Duniya me do cheez bohat mushkil
Ek to CA me Pass hona.. And.. Dusra LLB me Fail hona..

Watch the video Below for the proof.


5. Why CA is better than any other course ?

No reservation : 

For ICAI all are equals 🙂

Our Profession Always Takeir of growth of our clients. If takl about Doctor he will be happy if his patient got some disease and lawyer will be happy if his client faces some dispute . We prays for growth of our client so that we got more and more work from him.

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