What You Can Expect From CA Final Result Nov 17

So ICAI will announce the date of most awaited  CA Final Result of Nov 17 Attempt and will be going to be declare on 15-18 Jan 18 . So in this article we will analyze what will be the expected Result and what will be the cut off for First 50 ranks. These expectations were purely on my Experience, and will not be anywhere associated with  ICAI.

You can check expected date of CA Final and IPCC result from my another blog CA IPCC Final result Nov 17 Expected Date

So in this note let me begin with my analysis.

First start with CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2014

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 36254 29838.23%
Group I 64972 1520823.41%
Group II 66552 683010.26%

So its a 8.23 % for both groups. First let we see result of last 10 Attempts before jumping to any conclusion

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2014

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups4253331007.29%
Group I65792888413.50%
Group II65706700410.66%


CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups3253610133.11%
Group I5172829325.67%
Group II5478640267.35%


CA Final Pass Percentage May 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 27556276410.03%
Group I45822631913.79%
Group II50354938918.65%


CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups29339380412.97%
Group I483201319327.30%
Group II519061134121.85%


CA Final Pass Percentage May 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups30976507516.38%
Group I510021291225.32%
Group II551081632529.62%


CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups31705500315.78%
Group I492991259025.54%
Group II571861590527.81%


CA Final Pass Percentage May 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups32419664920.51%
Group I485481764136.34%
Group II537661433826.67%


CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups10203110110.79%
Group I16162479129.64%
Group II22942443119.31%


CA Final Pass Percentage May 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups206669454.57%
Group I28889406314.06%
Group II3518732359.19%

So after Watching all the analysis of previous year results and doing a simple average of them we  can expect around 8-10 % result for both the groups.

Moreover  while anallysing the past result, I am sure there will be around 4% difference between both the result of single Groups i.e Difference between Result of CA Final first group and result of CA Final  Second Group

also what we can expect from the rankers . This time I think 530 will be enough to score rank in first 50 or if we have to set a much lower limit, 525 will work. So if you think you will get around 530-550, be prepared to be in top 50.

So these are my expectations from this Years CA Final result you can comment Your expectations below in comment Box.

Analyzed By :- Alkit Jain