What to do after CA Exams

As of now exams have been finished, question arises what to do next?
We have 3 categories of students –
how have attempted

  • Both Groups
  •  Single Group
  • Both group but chances in one group only

Through this post we would like to bring in your knowledge some points which students of all categories can do to utilize their time in an optimum manner.
This article is originally written by :- Sanyam Arora

So let’s start with Both Groups:- This includes students who have cleared one group earlier in short they have nothing new to study now)

Visit the these sites below to have better understanding of the practical Knowledge:
 http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in
 https://www.aces.gov.in/
 http://dvat.gov.in/website/home.html

Look for the following in the above sites:
 How to file Returns i.e. income tax, Service tax, Excise, etc.
 How to apply for PAN
 Various form i.e. 26AS, TDS Forms, etc.
 Various tie ups with other countries

Update yourself with:


You can do this by searching on google or watching videos on YouTube very easily.

Consider yourself as a CA and your needs WHILE DOING above.

Try experimenting with dummy company and prepare balance sheets, Excel sheets etc.
Understand the Demand of the Industry –
 At this point, you are a product but you need to work out as to whether you are worth What To Do After CA Examsbuying
product. Try to update yourself for present day industry needs because yours examination may provide you the degree and a brand but not necessarily the encashment to such a degree and a brand. Visit www.icaitv.com and cmii.icai.org to get a flair of Industry expectations from you (Courtesy for this point Kamal Garg Sir)

Give full time to improve your communication skills. Because that is the only sphere where many CA STUDENTS LACKS after getting degree  you got license to run a car but after that you have to win race through your knowledge and skill.

Students who have given just 1 group –
 If you are very sure that you would clear the group in this attempt. then start preparations for the another one
 Collect all the amendments and syllabus applicable for May 15 examinations. For that:-  visit here
 Those who are not sure about the exams I would recommend to at least complete the other group’s study
before the results so that they are in a suitable position for attempting both the Groups in May 15 in case of negative result
 Don’t wait for the results start your preparations immediately.

Other points –
 Students who have given both groups may start looking for job who are done with their articleship.
 Work on your vocabulary as well English speaking.

These are very general recommendations. but these if followed can change your life. All the very best for your results.