Total Fees of CA Exam in India

CA Exams are considered one of the cheapest exams in India. Going by my experience it is the most value for money education one can get in India or I can say around the world. What makes CA Exam a cheapest one ?. The answer is total Fees of CA Exam one have to pay to institute.

Fees in CA Exam
Fees in CA Exam

Fees of CA Exams:

If we combine the fees of all the level the total fees for becoming CA in India is around INR 50000 – 60000 only. After adding other training cost it will go maximum upto INR 80000 Level wise fees in CA Exams is as follows.

Fees for Foundation:-

Sno. Details Indian For foreign student $
1 Prospectus Cost 200 20
2 Foundation registration 9000 700
3 Students Journal (1year) 200 20
4 Member Journal (1year) 400 40
Total 9800 780


Fees for CA Intermediate:

Details of fee Both Group Single Group
Foundation registration 15000 11000
Student Activity fees 2000 2000
Registration for Articles 1000
Total CA Intermediate fees 18000 13000


Fees for CA Final :

Detail of fees Indian Foreign $
Final Registration fees 22000 1100
Total CA Final fee 22000 1100


So if we add total fees of CA Foundation , CA Intermediate and CA Final it will be only 49800 Rs. which is very less in comparison to fees of other courses. We can say that total fees of CA Course is 10 – 15 times lesser than engineering and nth time lesser than medical. What you people think about it ? Do tell us in the comments below.

Note : We do not include any private coaching fees in this post. Many students undertakes private coaching for their preparation of CA exams. The fees of these coaching centers can go in Lakhs for each level of CA exam. Taking my example, I spent only 20000 in my entire CA Course on coaching and private books. I have completed my entire CA in rs. 70000- 80000 🙂 . Do follow us for more such updates on ca course.

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