It is very well known fact that CA is most difficult professional course in today’s era. But side by side CS & CMA exams are not so easy. So guys this is the post regarding the guy who has proved his excellence in both the most difficult professional course which is CA IPCC & CS Executive. Mr. Umang Mehta has got All India Rank 31 in CA IPCC for May 2016 Exams & All India Rank 3 in CS Executive for June 2016 exams. Below is the experience shared by him to us regarding his success in exams.

“It was double celebration for me as I got air 3 in CS Executive in June 2016 and IPCC AIR 31 in May 2016 in my first attempt. I had missed out rank in CA CPT by a very few marks so it was really satisfying this time out. My cousin sister Anusha who had got AIR 24 in CA IPCC in June 2015 was always there to guide me and motivate me throughout my journey.
I would say smart work and hard work both are equally important in the professional exams. I also keenly practice meditation by swami Vishvas which helps in reducing stress. The exams are highly unpredictable so I would recommend that students should NOT skip even a single CHAPTER.
I would say that studying study material and practice manual of Institute is sufficient and there is NO need to refer to Hundreds of reference book. It is also important to stay motivated and positive all the time. Adequate sleep is also important especially during exam days. Self – study is the most important thing.
Writing answers in paragraph and underlining important points is pretty important. Last day revision during preparatory leave is the key to getting good marks. CS papers are really lengthy so during exams it is really important to be quick from the start and attempt full 100 marks paper. Some questions are also repetitive so studying past year papers is important. I would advise not to wake up late at night. My parents and teachers also guided a lot and finally a little bit of good luck does matters.”

Have a look on the marks sheet of Mr. Umang Mehta for your inspiration.


Rank Details

Screenshot_2016-08-02-12-07-17CS MARK SHEET

Screenshot_2016-08-27-19-30-56CS RANK