TOP 10 MISTAKES DONE BY STUDENTS DURING EXAMS. In our earliar post we have posted about Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams and in this post we are donna talk about Top 10 mistakes done by students during exams.

1. While Start writing you answer paper one should choose such question in which he/she will be most confident. Your first 3 answers must be totally accurate without any cutting etc.

2. It has been seen that most of the students starts their paper with question no. 1 or with the last question. This is most harsh crime while attempting in your exams.

3. Never go to exam room on the basis of cheating. It’s a fact that in 90% of the cases strict teachers will come if you go with cheating purpose.

4. Drink water as much as you can during exam time. It will reduce your tension, pressure etc. It has been observed that most of the students never drink water due to fear of going washroom.

5. Always start each question on new page. Sometime students attempt 2-3 questions on one page. As a result examiner only checks first question and leaves remaining questions.

6. Don’t print newspapers on your answer sheet. Always go for “Points” instead of “paragraphs”.

7. Never stuck into one question for not more than 16 minutes. If you are not sure that you will success fully complete the question the leave such question at that point.

8. Use Gel pen instead of Ball pen. It has been prescribed by the Institute in exam guideline which is printed along with your roll no to use GEL Blue pen to write your paper.

9. Reach examination hall atleast half n hour before the timings so that you can be more familiar with the place.

10. Never try to match answers with your fellows in examination room. By doing so you can be in a confusing stage. After the exam, go straight to your home without calculating marks with your friends. It has a negative psychological effect on your mind which can affect your next paper’s preparation.

After exam, at home give atleast 2 hours sleep to your mind and then go for studies for your next exam.

Hope you like our article TOP 10 MISTAKES DONE BY STUDENTS DURING EXAMS and All the best for your upcoming exams.