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Tips for CA Exam Preparations mAY 15

Tips For CA Exam Preparations
Tips For CA Exam Preparations

• Plan your work & work your plan. This means stick to your Plan whatever it is.
• Make your plan in writing. So that you will Not Forget it like you do your course 😛
• You eat food everyday, drink water everyday, sleep everyday, so study everyday.
• For Practical subjects, make equation pocket ( FOR Ex. Formula Book)  booklets & review them at regular intervals.
• Take breaks & then study more. Take short and Effective Breaks.
• Maintain a Positive mindset of “I can do it” while preparing yourself & while giving exams. Just remember That you are the Best and You know it.
• Enjoy your studies and believe in your success.
• Try to read 6 pages theory per hour with thorough understand & then revise it within a week taking half the time.
• Revise your class work within 24 hours if you don’t there is high chance that you will forget it.
• Avoid TV, video game, chatting & mobiles while studying. It will increase your concentration like hell.
• Once in a week to 10 days, take a little time to relax: go for a movie, hang out with friends, play a game, etc.

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