Hey friends! This is an all new initiative to bring to you stories of some interesting people who never wanted be Chartered Accountants, but were destined to be. This will be a series of very short stories of  those whose passions are different than profession. They are the ones who proved that they are not fools but multi-talented people as firstly, they never parted with the passion and secondly once they started off with it, they never quit CA. No one today can call them fools as it takes determination and diligence to pass one of the most difficult examination in the country. These stories can inspire you in more than one ways.. if CA is your dream then if the ones whose dream was completely different, they managed then you can too and if you are amongst the lot whose passions are different then you can be another accidental Chartered Accountant.

Today’s story is of a girl who could be anything in life but a CA.Her passions were totally different from the white collar high paying profession. She was artistic and very soft spoken- qualities totally contrary to the needs of the profession. Had she been in any other western or culturally open country, she could have followed her heart and just because fate decided this way, she was born in India and that to a typically dominating family so she diverted her ways and picked up CA as a career, not really aware what was waiting for her in her journey.

Many of you would relate to what is it like living in a traditional joint family in India, the restrictions imposed on you, the additional duties that you are bestowed with and of course that extra bit of pampering. Anvesha ( Name Changed) was one of those. Born and brought up in a very affluent joint families of India was a bright young child who was unaware that things do not go as planned. That at times every member of your family stands against you when you take a decision that does not match with theirs. This is what first time happened with 17 year old Anvesha who after scoring well in the Class 12 board exams was not allowed to go her way.

Anvesha had flair for writing and equally good were her designing skills. She had picked fashion designing as optional subject and thus knew her basics and then with the help of her personal contacts she had learnt much more than just basics. Whenever she used to dress for an occasion it was different and it was appreciated. Similarly, her writing skills were no behind. She used to score well in her English exams, was a regular contributor in the school magazine, had won a few intra school and inter-school story writing competitions and had a few articles in  the reader section of the newspaper to her credit. She had decided that she would pursue her career in either of the two. She knew in her heart that she will not be allowed to move out of the home and study still she asked and answer, as expected was a flat NO. She however applied for the two very prestigious colleges in the country, one for English honours and the other for fashion designing using all the pocket money she had saved. She had thought that her family would happily allow once they have the news of their daughter being selected for one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

She was selected for English honours but the family did not allow her to go. They wanted her to do fashion designing from some local college and marry at 21. She however was stubborn that if not allowed to go, she  would do the best she could staying at home. That was when CA crossed her mind and she registered.

Being a brilliant student she cleared her CPT and IPCC in her first attempt and without much effort. She thought it would be a cake walk but was wrong. The challenge started when she joined her training. The work pressure, the office politics and no spare time at all took a toll on her and she shed her weight considerably, leaving her body look like skin coated skeleton. This was when she realised that being pampered wasn’t a boon but a curse.

She hardly had time to study and when the attempt was due, she took two months’ leave to study all that she could. The result ended up in being first experience of failure for her. Anvesha was shattered, but this strengthened her determination. That very moment she decided she would overcome this. Now, she won’t be just a CA but a CS too.

The very next day, without asking anyone, she registered for CS, knowing that there was very less time to study between CA and CS exams. But she took this challenge. Only after registration she told her family about her decision and they were left without any option.

This time around, her CA articleship was complete and she had time to study along with a burning desire to make it happen. The exams were tiresome since there was hardly any time between the two, but the results were something extra ordinary. Anvesha was now CA Anvesha and after a month’s time in CS professional too. She decided to do CS first and then take any further decision career wise. During this period she designed clothes, wrote articles for the CA magazine and also CS journals. And in no time she was CS too.

Today she is a settled CA and A CS. Her articles are still hit and she continues to design. She works as a CA and in weekends pays attention to her designing. Anvesha intends to be an entrepreneur in future and start her own clothing brand. She intends to use all that her profession taught her to make a career in her passion. I’m sure she will make it big because all that matters is Happiness and this is what makes her happy.

If Anvesha did it, so can you. All you need to do is finish off with what  you started and follow your heart. Your career choice is very good as it will not leave you financially dependent on anyone and then you can always follow your heart using all the experience you had as a CA student. Do not quit because there will be a time when you realise it was worth the effort.

I hope you connect with Anvesha and get some inspiration.

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Stay inspired and stay awesome!

By:-CA Manisha Jain

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