Famous Chartered Accountant : T.V Mohandas Pai

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T.V Mohandas Pai is the chairman of Manipal Global Education. He used to be a member of board of directors of Infosys… Let us know something more about him..
Pai was born in Bangalore in a lower middle-class family; his mother was a school teacher and his father was raised in an orphanage.
As a child he was ffascinated by books and continues to be a voracious reader-”name me a book and chances are I would have read it” says mr. Pai. He is a b.com graduate from st. Joseph’s college B’lore.. He did his CA and law together; ”I wanted to be independent. I don’t want to work for anybody, i was a rebel” Mr. Pai remarks.


T.V Mohandas pai
T.V Mohandas pai

So, how did mr. Pai get into Infosys…? Well the answer to this question lies in this article…
In 1992, he had bought around 1500-2000, shares at Rs. 85 each, since his friend who handled the Infosys’ IPO suggested him to buy some shares..
Later he attended the investors conference held by the company, before the IPO along with his friend. Mr. Narayan Murthy and Mr. Nandan Nilekani (co-founders of Infosys) were making presentations and Mr. Pai told his friend to ask a lot of questions on the prospectus. Mr. Pai says., ”Those days i had a collection of 3000 reports; i used to have annual reports for breakfast, would go to the AGM’s and ask a lot of questions. I was a bit of a shareholder activist”.
Mr. Pai asked the 6 founders ”why are you paying yourself so little?, you should pay yourself more, you’re making good money and you should respect talent”.
After that mr. Pai got in touch with mr. Nilekani & and subsequent analyst meets he asked questions like ”why Infosys was holding so much cash?”
in 1993 december mr. Nilekani asked him to join Infosys. Mr. Pai replied ”i’ll join only if you give me a senior position, but not as an employee, only a consultant’.
Mr. Nilekani accepted the counter offer. At Infosys mr. Pai worked on several projects like private placements, ESOP’s , annual reports and so on.
In 1995, mr. Pai joined as vice president, finance. Then he moved to HR in 2005.
As CFO, he played a strategic role in transforming Infosys into one of the world’s most respected and widely known software companies. The Infosys annual reports, under his supervision, won the top awards consistently from the ICAI and from the south Asian federation of accountants.
He was voted ‘CFO of the year in 2001 by IMA India, he also won the ‘best CFO in India’ award from Finance Asia in 2002. Mr. Pai is also a member of the board of SEBI.
Mr. Pai has keen interest in improving literacy across the country, mainly primary education. The mid day meal scheme feeds over 12 lakh children across 7 states in India. He has made substantial contribution to this program…

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