Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing

Hey guys in our earliar post we have tried to describe the Top Ten Tips For Preparations For CA Exams and TOP 10 MISTAKES DONE BY STUDENTS DURING EXAMS and in this post we are gone provide you the Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing.

Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing

  1. Study Material: – First of all you have to select an appropriate study material before starting any subject. When it comes to practical subject it becomes more crucial. For CA Final costing I will recommend you to not to buy any third party study material. Study material provided by the Institute is more than enough for this paper.
  2. Study material has mainly two parts. First is Study module and second is Practice Manual. Study Module contains each and every concept of each chapter along with suitable example and illustrations.
  3. Second part is the Practice manual. It contains the past year examination questions summarized in chapter wise form. One must not forget that more than 50 percent of the exam questions will come from the past year examinations question. So as crux of Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing is that this part of study material is far more important than the former one.
  4. After finalizing the study material lets come on the number of revisions. This paper requires atleast four revisions before appearing the examination. Fourth revision may be the one, which is day before the exam. These number of revision does not include the Syllabus completed by the student.
  5. First revision will take your most of the time and you will need to see the answer before completion of the solving the question. This is normal and you need not to worry that you don’t know nothing because you need to see each and every answer before completion.
  6. One must note that you have to use Pen and paper to complete your revision. Mere use of calculator will not solve their whole purpose of revision of costing paper.
  7. After all of the above here comes the theory part. One must not forget that only solving practical question will not make him to pass this paper. You have to compulsorily learn the theory part too.
  8. I bet you that if you will follow all of the methods of Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing you can score more than 60 marks.

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That’s all for Study tips to Pass CA Final Costing and All the best for your Upcoming exams.