Book for Strategic Financial Management by Rahul Makan

Rahul Malkhan’s book covers a vast number of concepts and has greater number of questions than the practice manual and the study material.

The best recommendation would be to:-

  1. Cover practice manual, study material, supplementary reader and the latest RTP first. This will help you to prepare a complete base for your subject. This will take most of your time as well.
  2. When you get time, cover questions in Rahul Malkhan’s book. They have been written in a Q & A format, which makes the book very reader friendly.
  3. All the individual chapters in the book have been structured into 4 parts – 

·       FORMULAE




  1. You should always start with the formulae, understand its origin wherever given and note the formula down in a notebook. Please note that a notebook should always accompany your text book. Understand all the concepts and then move on to solving the sums. 
  2. This book contains over 200 practical questions. 

This subject will become very interesting with this subject. The more you dig, the more you will find intricacies of these concepts.

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