Secret Tip to Pass CA / CS / CMA Exam

Today  i am sharing With you a secret tip to pass your CA exam. Which is neglected by many Students and teachers.That is why i am calling it Secret Tip to Pass CA / CS / CMA Exam . So must read it may change your way to write CA exams because I know most of you are not even aware of this Never irritate Examiner Or the  Checker..

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Tips For CA Exam Preparations
Tips For CA Exam Preparations

Secret Tip to Pass CA / CS / CMA Exam : Never irritate Examiner Or the  Checker

Yes Its true … You should keep in your mind that Examiner has very less time to check paper. If your paper is examiner friendly or you can say that you should Write what examiners want to read, then you are going to attract very good marks.
Make sure that you will not make any common spelling mistakes while writing. If you don’t have any idea about the   answer and don’t  have any single line to write  about it, then it is better to leave that question rather than writing some shit stuff.
For example:-
If in exam question comes  that says explain G.D.R. (Global depository receipt) and you write deposits that receipts in whole world, are known as GDR.
This will make really bad impression of you on examiner & you have to suffer very badly for this. once the examiner get irritated from you, your well written answer will become victim of detailed checking or I can say that intense Investigation.
Try to make diagram in support of your answer wherever it is possible.
The main motive of CA students while writing their exams is to win the heart of examiner by writing as much perfect answers as he/she can. Many students argues that they write the whole answers “in their own wordings” but did not get marks. The main Reason behind this is that they are in misconception that what they write is perfectly right but it is not compulsory that examiner will think the same. 
He may have some other thoughts that can make your answer sheet RED.So don’t complain ICAI or examiner next time when you get failed in Examination .
Try to remove deficiencies  that are inside you . because ultimately you are the sole reason of your failure not anybody else… So stop Giving excuses and start studying and planning For your exams and make sure you will write perfect answers in your examinations and not just Craps.

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I have also seen some answer copies of students that is why I am Suggesting you to write answers  short and clean.
Thanks for giving your time and reading this.
And do comment your suggestions.
Written By : CA Alkit JainCatch me on :–  f   g  t