A request to fellow CA and CA Students on Currency Ban

A kind request to all my fellow CA friends,
Let us make our decision clear and make all attempts to help curb the black money & corruption mafia, You can do this by simply following below points. We have also made a short video on this and you can simply watch this video and take pledge to not to help black money hoarders.

Please keep in my following Points:

1. Say NO to any client who requests for ‘conversion’. We are no money conversion agents. We are Chartered Accountants.
2. Let us make it clear to everyone that CAs aren’t meant to do Tax evasions.
3. We are here to help legitimate tax payers.
4. Let us guide honest citizens who have cash in legal form.
5. Let us not perform any service, which is against the nation’s interest.
Look at those who have taken all the pain & honestly worked day & night in ending this menace. Let us not bring down their efforts with our unfair means.


Please share with other fellow members and students and make a brighter and prosperous  India 🙂

Thank You