Question Related to Articleship training asked in CA Fresher Job Interview

Now a days getting a job as a CA fresher in not that easy at all, Also the Questions asked from the interviewers are changing drastically. Earlier more focus given to academic questions but now a days Questions related articleship experience are asked. Same questions are faced by me , Companies like Big 4, BMR , GT ETC. has made separate round in which they ask candidates about their articleship experience. So we compiled set of questions that you need to be prepared before appearing in any interview after completion of your articleship.

Question Related to articleship training asked in CA Fresher Job Interview:

1. Tell us about the work done by you in articleship training. What are your achievements.

2. Where have you done your training ? What type of audits have you done ?

3. What were your roles and responsibilities in the firm ?

4. Why have you changed the firm ? ( In case of Transfer )

5. Give us a practical situation or narrate a particular problem faced by you in your training assignments.

6. What are the major findings during articleship and how have you dealt with the issues ?

7. What are the major contributions made by you in the process of audit work ?

8. What areas have you found interesting in audit assignments ?

9. How far have you applied theoretical concepts in practical situations ?

This is not an exhaustive list and one can add more questions as per his/her experience during job interview, If you want to add some more questions in comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends


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