PREPARATION FOR EXAMS – NEW APPROACH. The pattern of examination is changing all over the world recently. New knowledge is generated every day and hour. While computers have taken over routine work, new complexities are emerging that keep us professionals busy updating our knowledge and skills. So the emphasis in examinations is shifting away from merely recalling facts and figures or making simple computations in standard formats applying traditional methods. The new focus is not on what you know but how good are you in applying it to real life situations and how good you are in analyzing a situation and coming up with alternative ways of solving a problem and exploiting an opportunity. This translates to gaining mastery over the four competencies required at the Intermediate stage referred above.

So your approach to preparing for the Institute’s exam must also undergo changes. You need to do the following:

1. You must spend time to gain a clear idea of various concepts, principles, methods etc. You must also update yourself       on a daily basis by Reading Business Newspapers / Magazines, attending webinars etc.

2. After gaining good understanding of various topics of the subject you must do many exercises and examples to gain the     ability to solve the problems given in examination paper.

3. You should then learn how such ideas or principles are used in real life and how they affect – positively or negatively –     real life. Try to link what you have learnt to daily events by regularly reading business newspapers.

4. I also encourage you to express your opinion and suggestions using President’s portal.preparation for exams

5. Finally, it is very important to take as many simulated tests as possible to test yourself. These tests have to be taken as frequently as possible and not bunched together at the end of all your study. Ideally after you complete your learning of a topic and exercises under it, you should take a test. You may do it alone or along with friends. Today technology is available to aid in your learning and testing. Do some Google search to find out how technology can help you or ask your teachers to recommend these web based tools, some of which are downloadable or available on your smart phone.

6. Recent studies have shown that all exams are stressful and it is absolutely important for a student to have a good sleep of six to eight hours on the previous night before the day of an examination. I would add that a day before your week of examination starts, you should have completed all your revisions and simulation tests and allow yourself 24 hours of relaxation. Take on an examination when your body mind is relaxed and refreshed.

7. From the Institute’s side, I would initiate steps to put more resources in your hands so that the diligent student can look to the Student Portal as a one stop shop for all the learning needs to pass the examination. I re-assure the students that we will upgrade the study materials periodically and that the same is and will be available in the soft form in the Students portal.

We are in the midst of a busy festive season. I trust that I have provided you some useful inputs to help your preparation for the next exam coming up in December. Remember that unless the right methods are adopted, right outcomes cannot be guaranteed. It is now up to you to brace yourself for the challenge, go about your study and exam preparation in the right way and perform well in the exam and celebrate your success. Your Institute and I, want to see you succeed.

As the ad line of an Indian conglomerate based out of Kolkata used to say;

“The best means of growth comes from within”

Take care and stay focused. Cheers!