Precautions for Swine flu : Important

Guys, Swine Flu is causing more and more deaths every single day. More than 600 people died till now. Please take all precautions as below.

10 Important Precautions for Swine flu :- 

1. Please avoid crowded places as much as you can.

2. Travel in personal conveyance if possible. If that’s not possible, avoid travelling during peak traffic.

3. Use a good mask to cover your respiratory outlets – the nose and the mouth. If that is not possible, use a handkerchief to cover the same.

4. Avoid handshakes and up-close conversations with people.

5. Carry and use hand sanitisers.

6. While using public washrooms and doors or while pressing lift buttons, use a tissue paper to make contact with the surface.

7. Keep your immune system strong – consume lots of healthy food and natural supplements such as cod-liver oil pills.

8. Avoid too much of physical exertion.

9. If you develop flu-like symptoms, visit a doctor immediately.

10. Cover your mouth during coughing and wash your hands frequently.

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