How To pass CA IPCC Exams : CAFM

How To pass CA IPCC Exams. This question comes in mind of every CA Student we are trying to provide you some tips which gonna surely help you to Pass you CA exams.

1. Pay due attention on theory.some students doesn’t do that.It contains weightage of Around 20- 28 marks in the paper
you can download from here :- COSTING FM NOTES
2. If u have problem in doing the whole theory portion just do past examination question or from
scanner or from  Institutes practice manual (all r equal )
3. pay equal attention on CA and  FM don’t go in exams on the bases  of anyone  of them. Both plays vital role in Exam.
4. If u don’t know any answer and don’t have any single idea about its better to leave that question rather than irritating the examiner or making a bad impression on him.
if in exams GDR (global depository receipts) comes and you write deposits that receipt in whole world it
will make a bad impression of you on checker and may be it adversely effects you and your paper.5. make proper working notes it plays a vital Role in step marking whatever calculation You do name them as working note .6. don’t pay unnecessary time in solving particular question.
“agar ek question mai fass gye to vo le dubega aapko”

7. If you are  using any formula in your solution then first write it and then put numbers or figures in it . this shows
your knowledge about formulas
8. Always do RTP’s At the last CA IPCC

hope this will work out for u
will post some more tips later, all the best 

Regard :- Alkit Jain


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