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Chartered Accountants in India and Opportunities for CA:

Chartered Accountant, the name is enough to describe the top notch finance person. Chartered accountants, with their skill and competence in multiple fields have proved their metal in various fields. The profession has gone beyond accounts and finance and over the time the profession has evolved to cover many aspects of financial and management aura, CAs have not only acquired key positions in the top level management of various companies in the country but have proved to be successful entrepreneurs.

Opportunities for CA in India
Opportunities for CA in India

Opportunities for CA as professional practitioners, they enjoy huge respect. Reason is simple, CA exams are arguably, very-very arguably the most difficult examinations in this country with a meagre pass percentage that rarely crosses even 20% therefore, clearing these exams proves a point about intellect and hard-working nature of the person and therefore CAs are readily hired by many industries across country and that too at decent CTCs. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India regulates the profession in this country.


About the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India:

July 1st 1949, CA day as we call it, is the day, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India gained recognition through an act of Parliament.  The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 is the governing act by which the institute of Chartered Accountants of India was established and it is the act which has the by-laws by which the institute is being run. Institute governs the Chartered Accountancy in the country working under the ministry of corporate affairs. With over 7, 00,000 students and over 2, 70,000 qualified members, this body holds the position of world’s second largest body of Chartered Accountants. The institute works for the development of accountancy profession in the country and now has gone beyond the borders of accountancy, the very purpose for which it was established. It has rolled at various standards on different spheres of audit be it financial audit or internal audit, standards on accounting to name a few, hence streamlining the profession and ensuring highest quality. Through its multiple publications, activities and seminars across the country the institute makes sure that the members are updated and so are the students.


The Institute has its presence across the globe, with its headquarters at New Delhi. In addition, it has five Regional Councils located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur and New Delhi and 163 Branches spread all over the country. The Institute has also 30 chapters outside India located in Abu Dhabi, Australia (Melbourne), Australia (Sydney), Bahrain, Botswana, Brisbane, British Columbia (Vancouver), Canada (Toronto), Doha, Dubai, Eastern Province (Saudi Arabia), Indonesia, Jeddah, Kenya (Nairobi), Kuwait, Netherlands (Amsterdam), New Zealand (Auckland), Nigeria, Oman (Muscat), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), UAE Ras – Al Khaimah, Riyadh, Singapore, Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam), Thailand (Bangkok), Uganda (Kampala), UK (London), US (New York), USA (San Francisco) and Zambia. Not only this, institute has pacts with different countries and hence making the degree of Indian Chartered Accountant acceptable in various countries, this is the reason why Indian CAs get a lot of opportunities in employment abroad.


Employment Opportunities:

As a top-notch finance professionals, there is no wondering the fact that Chartered Accountants have ocean of opportunities as far as employment is considered. Not only are they successful as consultants but have achieved heights in the job front as well. History has seen various successful chartered accountants carving their niche and search engines are there to provide you the details about them, but the fact remains that CAs enjoy good amount of privilege when it comes to employment opportunities.

Professional Practice:

Chartered Accountants can chose to be self-employed and can start their own practice either as a sole proprietor or under partnership. There are a lot of earning opportunities for members in this front, especially after the recent changes in economy and post implementation of GST, the demand for CAs have risen manifolds. As a professional practitioner, a chartered accountant can provide a lot of services, listed below, are a few of them:

  • Appointment as an independent auditor under various provisions of companies act
  • Managerial audit
  • Accounts and Book Keeping
  • Direct tax consultancy
  • Audit under Income Tax Act
  • Audit Under other laws such as IDT
  • Internal Audit
  • Bank Audit
  • CAG Audit
  • Energy audit
  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Fund raising consultancy either by way of loans or IPO
  • Cost management
  • Management Accountancy
  • Filing of returns under various laws
  • Company law consultancy

 Job opportunities:

If they do not chose to practice, CAs have a lot of opportunities if they chose to do job. Institute also conducts placement programs to make sure that the students get fair opportunities and are successful. Following are a list of opportunities to name a few.

  • Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Financial / Business Analyst
  • Auditing / Internal Auditing / Special Audits
  • Direct & Indirect Taxation
  • Systems Analysis & Systems Management
  • Finance and credit policies
  • Functional Consultancy in ERP implementation
  • Process Analysis in BPO houses
  • Academic Careers in College / Management Institute etc.
  • Implementing Business Intelligence Systems

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