Open Book Exam in CA Course

Open Book Exam in CA  : So as we all know that revised CA Final course will include 6 Elective papers but all these 6 papers were also an Open book exams in CA,             under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training, Electives have been introduced at the Final level in the following areas and All will be an open book exams. New CA Course was launched by PM Narendra Modi on the occasion of CA Course on 1st July 2017.

6 Elective Open Books Exams in CA Final Are :

  • Global Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Taxation
  • Financial Services & Capital Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Economic Laws
  • Multidisciplinary Case Study
open book exam in CA
open book exam in CA

Students are required to opt any one of these Electives in Paper 6 of Final level and the examination of these Electives Papers. All of them are Open Book and Case Study based as we have seen in CS Course also.

Since it is for the first time students would be attempting case study and open book based examinations in CA Final, they may find it difficult to attempt their papers and may like to switch over to other Elective than the one chosen at the time of registering for the Final course. For easing out the hardships could be faced by students, the Council has decided that-

  • At the time of registration in CA Final course, the student has to select one Elective from the list of Electives subjects mentioned above.
  • Student would surely get the initial relevant study material and other academic material on the basis of the Elective subject initially opted by him.
  • After this at any time any student could change the option of elective and indicate the new option in the examination form.
  • Once a student fills an elective subject in the examination form, thereafter, he/she cannot change his choice for elective subject for that particular examination. Student has to write the elective subject out of six above opted by him in the examination form.
  • In case a student is not able to clear the examination in the chosen elective subject, he can opt for another elective, on filling the examination form for the next attempt.
  • If student want to purchase the study material for a different elective subject than the one opted initially, he has to procure it separately by paying extra cost. Exchange of study material of the initially opted elective subject with the newly opted subject will not be allowed.

Open book exam in CA Final looks easy on papers but will be equally tough as other papers in CA course, the concept of open book exam is very old and opted by many other universities. Even ICSI introduced the same concept of Open books exams in CS Course way back in 2014.

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Summary : 

Open Book Exam in CA Final Course is Introduced by ICAI for the 6 elective papers from which students can pick any one for their CA Final Exams. Also students have right to Switch from previously elected subject to other subject. Option to change the subject will be given in Examination form.