Negative marking for CS Students for OMR based examination

Hey guys this is a shocking news for each CS Student. ICSI on 15th July 2015 has announced via a notification that institute is going to introduce the negative marking scheme for each wrong answer by the CS Executive students in the 3 papers as declared earliar by the institute.

Earlier there is no provision for negative marking scheme for wrong answers for above mentioned 3 papers which are as follows :-

  1. Cost and Management Accounting
  2. Tax laws & Practice
  3. Industrial, Labour and general Laws papers

The full negative marking scheme is as follows:-

  1. Firstly marks will be cut out in the ratio of 1:0.25 i.e 0.25 marks will be cut out if you attempt a wrong answer or in simple words a full 1 mark will be deducted if you attempt 4 wrong answers.
  2. Second is most obvious instruction is that the total negative marks have a ceiling limit of marks obtained by the right answers so that in no case you will get marks lower than Zero.
  3. Thirdly if after taking negative marks into consideration you will get marks in fraction then the same would be rounded off to the next full marks. For example after adjusting negative marks you obtained 80.75 marks then you will get 81 marks.

The above notification is applicable only on 3 above mentioned papers. As ICSI has already declared the time table for December 2015 exams the above mentioned 3 papers are held consecutively on 21-22-23 december 2015. The detail regarding the same is as follows:-

S.No Paper Exam Date
1 Cost and Management Accounting 21 December 2015
2 Tax laws & Practice 22 December 2015
3 Industrial, Labour and general Laws papers  23 December 2015


You can download the full Official Notification by clicking here:- Download

Thats all for Negative marking for CS Students. Keep Sharing.