Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final

Students often found ISCA ” The most toughest subject in CA Final ” . they always want some shortcuts to learn and grasp the content matter of this subject. The most help is Mnemonics  there are books like Manish Valecha which provides Mnemonics. We are also providing some Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final from Dinesh Madan Sir book relevant for May 2015 Exams

Note:Relevant for those who are preparing from Dinesh Madan Sir Book, on self study basis.

Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final Chapter 2 Information System Concepts

1. OEID =Classification of System

O = Output/Working

E = Element

I=Interactive Behavior

D = Degree of human intervention

2. C IPO – Management Functions

3. UUMD = Components of DSS

4. EDMS = Electronic document management system

5. EMCS = Electronic messaging communication system

6. BET =Dimension of Information

7. LOT =Factors decide the information requirement of executives.

8. OK MS – Categories of Information System

  • O- Operation level System
  • K- Knowledge level System
  • M- Management Level System
  • S- Strategic level System

Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final :Chapter 3 Protection of Information System

1. IAC= Objectives of Information security

2. IM RCC= Internal control components

3. FOR = Categories of control techniques

  • F= Functional nature control
  • O= Objective of control (Auditor categorization of control)
  • R=IS Resource control

4. PDC Compensate – Auditor Categorization of control

5. FADU PIE LOS – IS Resource Control techniques

  • F – Financial Control
  • A- Application control
  • D- Data integrity control
  • U- User Control – Boy IPOD
  • P- Physical Access control
  • I=IS management control
  • E-Data processing Environment control
  • L- Logical access control
  • O- Organizational Control
  • S- SDLC Control

6. TAL- Possible Exposures/Revelations and losses

There is lot more for each and every subject so please download the complete list.

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Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final


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