List of 5178 CA Students who are effected by manipulation of CA Final result

You might aware, in the recent result of CA Final exams Nov 17, 5,178 students were first released as Passed and later declared Failed. As a result, a writ was filed in the court by some students and their parents and high court has announced the judgement today in favor of ICAI

Following thing should be considered, if ICAI has power to do it.

As per Rule 39 of ICAI Regulations, the ICAI Council has power to either increase or decrease marks of all the candidates or any few of them. This means, though the group has filed the case, it won’t be able stand in any case, as students already agreed for it while registering for the course. Its high time ICAI is more transparent in its matters and start considering the well being of the students.

If CA students loose trust on their own institute, whom do they trust after all?

Few CA’s have openly condemned this act of ICAI and CA Suneel Maggo  have openly raised this issue in ICAI annual function. His speech went viral the very next day and you can hear the same on youtube.

You can access the complete list of effected candidate below by clicking the below link :

List of 5178 CA Students who are effected by manipulation of CA Final result

Canotes’ take:  we only say it was a blunder from the end of ICAI, If they do not circulate the earlier list no outrage will happen. We knew that slashing is the part of CA Result from ages but this time every one got proof of that. we hope same will not happen in future.

Do share with others and let them know if they are among the 5100 unlucky students or not. You can also share views in comment section below regarding this blunder made by ICAI and discuss the same with other CA and CA Students.