Hello Guys! We are back with some more helpful tips & tricks for you. As you all know that November 2016 Examination is coming near then you have to be very sure about your preparation for the exams. We have earlier mentioned in our article that if anybody wants to clear CA Examination in Single attempt then he must have done 5 revisions before the exams. In this post we are going to elaborate How to do Last Revision Just before the exams.

  1. First of all, if you want to pass all the papers easily then you must be motivated all the time and should avoid things which will make you demotivated.
  2. Prepare a schedule, which will cover all the topics of the subjects in the required time.
  3. You must ensure that your schedule must be in such a way that it cover each & every topics because if you left any topic before the exams then it is 100% sure that paper will come from that topic.
  4. After the exams never try to match the answers with your friends because it will demotivate you which will affect your performance in the next paper
  5. Get some sleep after the exams. It will freshen up your mind and you will experience speed in your revision for next paper.
  6. Try to wake up early in the morning on the exam day. This will enable you to memorise more things for exams later in the afternoon.
  7. If you can afford a separate room for yourself then it would be easier for you in the exam days. Try to keep lesser furniture or things in that room because it will less distract you.
  8. Avoid Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger strictly.

That’s all buddy for How to Do Last Revision Just before Exams. Keep Sharing.