Last minute Study tips Before attempting CA Exams

CA exams are approaching nearby and everyone is in fear. We are receiving so many queries regarding the same so we try to list some of the Last minute tips before attempting a CA Exams this will surely help you all. Earlier we have provided you TOP 10 Tips to pass CA Exams and other study tips. So go through them all and must comment your feed back.

And keep in mind one thing that CA Exams need Confidence 

Don’t give up at the last moment: You may see many students who give up at very last moment; whatever be the reason the main reason is lack of self confidence and fear of underperformance.

Stay away from negative people: Out of 10 people you met near exams 8 will demotivate you, So try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Don’t try to study new concept that you have not studied earlier: Many students start studying totally new concept just 1-2 days before exams.  Instead of trying new concept, revise the old ones.

Keep away negative thoughts: Always keep yourself away from the negative thoughts, you may feel you can’t do it or your preparations are not up to the mark but, But you should not lose focus, People who don’t even try are the real loser not the one who fails.

Revise from your notes only: Don’t go for other notes if you already have your notes because you are better able to understand what is written by you not the others.

Presentation Matters, Writing don’t : It is myth in CA Exams that your writing matters, So students keep focusing on their hand writing instead of content, If your writing is readable then it does not matter, the only thing that matters is the presentation you make in your answer sheet

Weight your Answers not the answer sheet: Try to write quality answers and not the lengthy ones, so focus on writing brief and meaning full answers only that will fetch you more marks.

Keep Your GF/BF Away for these 1-2 weeks : This is the funnier one but trust me your performance will grow by doing that, You can try this and see the result yourself 😉

Written By : CA Alkit jain

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Hope this will help you for sure in you Exams. Please visit our site for more tips and tricks do share your feed back in comments.