Keeping Books of Accounts at a place other than Registered Office

As per section 128 of companies act 2013, every company needs to maintain its books of accounts and other relevant paper at its Registered office only, but its not compulsory at all. A company at discretion of its Director can keep its book of account at such place in India which is not its registered address by passing resolution.

Penalty under section 128 : 

MD, WTD in charge of finance, the CFO or any other person of a company charged by the Board with this duty shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which shall not be less than 50000 but which may extend to 100000 or both

Form to be filled :

Every company who wants to keep its books at place other than registered office must file form AOC 5 Within 7 days of such change, A company can file AOC 5 on later days with late fees. this form is first available on Jan 17th 2015, earlier to that there is no form as per companies act. E 22 is filed as per companies act 1956.

Books of branches

If Company have its branches in India or outside India then it will be deemed to be complied of section 128 if company is keeping books of transaction of branches in branches separately.


So all company ca keep its books of accounts at a place in India other than Registered Office by simply passing a Board resolution and filling form AOC 5 within 7 days to ROC, Non compliance to this can attract penalty on officer in default.


If you want to read complete bare section 128 of companies act 2013 than follow this link :-

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