1. “Importance of communication is increasing day-by-day in the business organizations”. State the reasons for this increasing What are the elements in the process of communication?


  1. State the merit and demerit of grapevine phenomenon?


  1. (a) What are the tips for improving Interpersonal skills that are necessary for workplace success? (b) State the guidelines that deal with communication ethics dilemmas


  1. Specify the elements of culture that influences organizational


  1. Explain Consensus Building and Features of ‘groups’ in an organization


  1. What are the principles of inter-personal communication? Explain the statement ‘Interpersonal communication is contextual’.


  1. What is meant by ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Emotional Quotient’? State any six social competencies associated with Emotional Intelligence


  1. State the reasons for acceptance of change in an organization and Elements influencing Organizational Culture


  1. What do you understand by the term Organizational Values? Explain how ethical communicators have a “well developed sense of social responsibility”.




  1. Draft a notice of AGM with four ordinary


  1. Draft the notice for calling the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members for changing the name of the company


  1. What is Gift Draft a gift deed for transfer of immovable property


  1. Draft a circular informing all the employees of the company of an appointment of X as a new chairman of the company


  1. Write Short notes on:(a) Guidelines for drafting a Press Release .Write a Press Note released by Ministry of Labour and Employment on the reduction of interest rate on


  1. X issued a cheque to Mr. Y for the payment on the account of purchase of the goods. Due to certain exigency in the business, X withdraws certain amount from his bank account. In order to avoid the dishonor of the cheque, he decides to stop the payment of cheque. Write a letter requesting the Bank to stop payment of a cheque.
    1. P wanted to file an ITR of its company, but due to incompletion of audit, he wanted the extension of time to submit the He wrote an application to Income Tax Officer for the extension of time for the filing of an ITR. Draft an affidavit supporting the application before the Income tax officer for grant of extension of time to submit ITR..


    1. Draft the performa of a bond for a loan repayable in


Important topics of CA IPCC LAW  ETHICS

  1. (a)‘All equals should be treated equally’. How much it is practicable in the present business environment? (b)To pay proper attention to business ethics is certainly beneficial in the interest of business EXPLAIN?. (c)Describe four such benefits which may be obtained by paying attention to business



  1. How growing investor pressure and Market-based incentives has changed the sphere of S.R .Explain the role played by different committees in regulating the ‘Corporate Governance’ What the key strategies while implementing CSR


  1. (a) CSR initiatives in India (b) Global Reporting Initiatives (c)Explain the role played by different committees in regulating the ‘Corporate Governance’. (d) Company management has responsibility only towards its shareholders ?(e) What is meant by ‘Sustainable Development’? How the adoption of Green Accounting System helps in avoiding policy decisions which are non-sustainable for the country?


  1. (a) ‘There is no economic growth without ecological costs’. (b) What is meant by ‘Environmental ethics’ explain Water pollution and “Acid rain”.



  1. What are the parameters of Competition Law? State the forums available for promoting and protecting the right of the consumers at various



  1. (a)Window-dressing of financial statements will not be useful in the long run’?(b) Explain briefly the matters to be considered and the steps that may be taken by a Finance and Accounting professional when he is required to resolve an ethical conflict ?(c) Explain the reasons for unethical behavior among finance and accounting


  1. Explain the pragmatic reasons for maintaining ethical behaviour in marketing through marketing executives


  1. State the guidelines acknowledging consumer rights that are used for assessing the consumer welfare implications of competition What are the United Nations’ guidelines themes on consumer protection? Enumerate also the consumer rights enshrined therein.


  1. Popinder Singh, a hotelier was purchasing butter regularly from Utterly Butterly Ltd. for the purpose of use in his hotel. There were defects in the goods in one of the purchase lot and as a result the Mr. Singh suffered loss of his share in competition in hotel industry. The hotelier sued the said company for this reason. The company contended that the goods were purchased for the purpose of commercial purposes and therefore, not bound. Is it a valid contention? Explain clearly the provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 in this regard.


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