We are pleased to inform you that Mr. XYZ has been registered under you as an articled assistant for three years. LoL The Institute has handed over your life to a CA, your boss for the next 3 years. You have lost your freedom for 3 years. You are wanted in the office at 10 sharp every day and then you have to work non-stop. And you start criticizing the CA fraternity, the institute, the system and what not!

But that’s a wrong notion!  It’s not the reality. Yes, it is sometimes boring, yes you might be scolded, yes you might face work pressure, and yes you might make mistakes. But look at the aftereffects of all these. They give you an insight into the real world, a glimpse of the challenges that you have to face as a professional and experience to deal with clients.

Let me describe the IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE my 3 years of articleship which just went flying by:

1. I still remember my first day at office 3 years back,

2. All of us sitting with faces timid and blank

3. Questions swarming my mind,

4. What is articleship?

5. What will we do for 3 years here?

6. How will be the colleagues and the bosses?

7. What kind of work is to be done?

The office looked like a different world to me. Everyone except me and my batch mates seemed so busy. Some people were in discussions, some were busy working on PC’s, some occupied   with  a  problem and racking  their brains, some attending their clients, some running here and there to meet the deadlines and some gossiping.

I wondered what would happen with me. For us, returns, audits, search, appeals, hearings, notices, resolutions, certificates were like what ABCD is to a 2 year old. I had heard from some –Articleship is a torture…3 year waste… you are made to work day and night….you get a mere stipend while some advised me to take it very seriously. Well I had no clue who was right as I was yet to undergo my training!! Know more about the IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE.

First few days, we just sat idle, observing other people work, trying to adjust to the work culture, the hustle and bustle of the workplace and waited eagerly for the clock to strike 5 so we could go home.

Then gradually, we were made familiar with the office rules and allotted work with the seniors. Reading acts, rules, Standards, vouching, indexing, filing, attending conferences, seminars, assisting our seniors was now our job.

Understanding the systems, interacting with the bosses and seniors, going through the technical books and reports, drafting, compiling and reviewing the financial statements, Wow!  Till now the Balance sheets we made in Accountancy paper of IPCC… those were hypothetical…now it was time to step in the real world….work with the real balance sheets….and I found myself enjoying that. Know more about the IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE.


Yes, we were being molded into a CA slowly. I had used word, excel and mailed my friends earlier but now they had a different meaning for me…Earlier I used them for school projects, now it was for reports, balance sheets, pivot tables, data sorting and other formal work.

The excitement of first stipend, camaraderie   with the colleagues, cultural extravaganzas, the parties after the peak season to celebrate the results of our hard work added a spice to our training and gave us a momentum to perform even better in future.

Time passed by and we became seniors.  Now it was time to handle work on our own and guide our juniors. We shouldered new responsibilities. To prove our competency, to be accountable to the Bosses was the need of the hour. Being a junior I had never realized that. Also the upcoming CA final exams in the last year; managing the tuitions, studies and office together! I felt like my mind would explode soon with this work pressure! But time, patience and management soon made us accustomed to handle everything. Know more about the IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE.

All through the 3 years we went to multitude of clients, auditing their accounts, drafting submissions for their hearings. Each assignment was a different challenge. Experience and knowledge base were being built up in the process.

Madness to complete the work, meeting the deadlines, living up to the expectations of clients and Bosses was a tough job. Here nobody teaches you like a kid (the school is over!!), it is you who has to grab the opportunities, explore them and learn as much as you can from the learned.

Ethics at workplace-Discipline, punctuality, patience, vigilance, carefulness!!-they define a professional and were being inculcated in us. At the end I would only like to say, Articleship is not just a formality; it is a golden period of 3 years when you can discover your talent and expertise. We all have a mission, not just to be a CA but also to serve our nation and society better. Know more about the IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE.

Chartered Accountancy is a dignified, vibrant and ever- growing profession.  Be it industry or practice, CA’s have featured excellence in every nook. Whatever height the TATAS and Reliance may attain, their balance sheets will have no importance without a CA’s signature. Thats all for IMPORTANCE OF ARTICLESHIP IN CA COURSE.

Thank you