how to study theory subjects

How to study theory subjects

Hey guys every one face problems while clearing their theory papers.  Whether you are doing CA CS or CMA these papers will never leave you alone.  So today via this post I will provide you steps or you can say measure to clear these papers without so much stress and fear. 6 ways to clear theory subjects are given below.

1. Prepare a study plan.  Try to make it shorter than normal time. It’s a fact that  95 % of the people will not be able to meet their study goal at its predefined time. So its better to make it short so that you have enough time to make another one.

2. Always keep a practical subject along with your theory subject so that you will not loose concentration and you will feel motivated .

3. Try to study in the morning because in morning your mind is less disturbed than in the morning.

4. Try to write what you have learned yesterday.  It will make your concepts more strong so that you will not forget any answer in the examination.


5. Don’t do that in group  it’s impossible to study theory paper in group. Group study will shake your concentration and you will not be able to learn any thing.

6. Go for practice manuals, RTPs and any other institute study material as and when required.

That’s all for How to study theory subjects and all the best for your upcoming exams.