How to Study CA Final Costing |Notes |Reference books |Study tips

One thing comes in mind of every CA  Final Student that How to pass Costing in CA Final ?. Yes today we are going to provide you whole stuff at one place for CA Final costing Exam Also known as AMA i.e Notes, Books, Study Tips


Advanced management accounting is the easiest subject in CA Finals. The difficult portion is the lengthy paper that we are supposed to attempt. Believe me, we fail in this subject only because of panic and fear that if we leave the paper, we will fail. In this situation, we end up messing up the paper.

  1. Reference books : In CA Final Costing (AMA) I personally prefer Institute’s study material and practice manual. However, Sanjay Agarwal’s book can also be used for reference if you are not content with the study material.

Here is the complete list of Institutes Study Material  for CA Final Costing :-

  1. Always plan the paper in Costing and according to your speed go for 80%to 90% and believe me you can get an exemption easily. Don’t worry if you are too slow, sometimes even 70% paper attempted can get you an exemption. So, focus on content and what you attempt, you should be confident of.
  2. While preparing the subject, start with the class notes (for those who attended coaching) and for the people opted for self studies, should start with basic concepts given in the book from which you learnt basics.                                                                          Crux is ALWAYS FOCUS ON BASICS

    CA Final Costing
    CA Final Costing
  1. It is paper in which about 35% theory is asked and rest is practical. For practical, do as much practice you can but never ignore the basic short questions. 1.5-2 hours a day regularly can help. For theory, practice manual is more than sufficient.
  1. While revising, make a formula booklet. Keep writing the formulas neatly chapter wise. Also include the important points that require special attention. This booklet will be very helpful in your last minute revision.
  1. You can always leave the chapter in which you are not at all confident. Remember, 100% paper is not going to come from that particular chapter. But do remember if you are aiming to attempt say 80% of paper, you should cover at least 90% of the course.
  1. Always attempt short questions first. They are not only easy but you can score full marks easily in them and will buy you time for the lengthy questions later. Say in first 30 mins you are able to complete 20 marks questions, that will give you a lot of confidence and you may end up attempting even more than you had thought you can.
  1. Do remember its the game of confidence. Do not give up while writing the paper and result will be good.

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