How to Register a Private limited Company in India for Startups

Are you starting your own business ? If yes then you can do either via proprietorship/one person company or if you are more than one partner then through Partnership/Pvt. Today we will tell you step by step guide to register Register a Private limited Company in India.

8 Steps for registering a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY in India :

Step 1:
Apply for the Dscs of the directors
Step 2:
Apply for DIN for min. 2 directors – Form to be filled : DIR 3
Attachments Required
a. Pan of the directors
b. address proff of the directors
c. Passport size photos of the directors
Step 3:
Register a DSC to the DIN on MCA’s site
Step 4:
Apply for company’s name approval – Form to be filled : INC 1
Step 5:
Incorportion- Form to be filled : INC 7
Attachments Required
a. MOA
b. AOA
c. INC 8 :For Declaration by Practicing Professional
d. INC-9 :Afadavit-Declaration by the subscriber;
e. INC-10 : For Specimen of Signature;
f. Pan of all promotors & Directors;
g. Resident proof of all promotors & Directors.
Step 6:
For Notice of Situation of Registered office – Form to be filled : INC 22
Attachments Required
a.Rent deed between company and landlord with rent receipt;
b.No Objection Certificate from owner of registered office;
c.utility bill of such registered office address like Electricity bill,telephone bill,gas bill.
Step 7:
Appointment of Directors in the Company :- Form to be filled : DIR 12
Attachments Required
a.Letter of Appointment which is sent to directors for which form DIR-12 is filled;
b.Form DIR-2 : for consent receive from directors;
c.Declaration by director that company or its director shall not receive public deposit.
Step 8:
Apply for PAN/TAN
Hope these 8 steps will help you to Register a Private limited Company in India  for your dream startup. If you need assistance in forming your Pvt ltd company anywhere in India then mail us at [email protected] for further assistance
Thank You for reading