How to prepare CA IPCC & Final in 50 days.

So lot of people ask me how to clear CA Exams in 2 months and I am writing this article to give some sort of Planning and scheduling to Pass there exams, In my recent seminar in Delhi on 14th February, I focused on the same thing, i.e to How to prepare CA IPCC & Final in 50 days. and students appreciated that part.

So we have 50 days to prepare CA IPCC now, If you want to clear the Exams confidently then you have to revise at least 2 Times in these 50 Days.

So 50 days are quite less if think psychologically, but at the same time these 50 days are quite enough if you plan it Wisely.

Now what you have to do is just divide a day into 3 session, so now you have 50 * 3 = 150 sessions.

Now if you take Group 1 only you have 150/4 = 37 session for 1 subject. 37 SESSION for two revision is quite enough. And yes you can make 1 session of 3 or 4 hours as per your capability

How to prepare CA IPCC & Final in 50 days.
How to prepare CA IPCC & Final in 50 days.

Now what you have is 37 sessions for 1 subject. Let’s  go deeper now :

Subject Revision 1Revision 2
Paper 12413
Paper 22413
Paper 32413
Paper 42413

So we have utilized 96+52 = 148 session = 50 days to revise our syllabus

Revision 1 : 24 session for each subject

Take 2 subjects at one time in your first revision so you have now 48 session and that is 18 days to cover two subject.

Plan it like this : Take 1 theory and 1 Practice subject to make best possible out come

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11
Session 1TheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryRevise what you have done in 5 daysPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryRevise what you have done in 7-10 days
Session 2TheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheory
Session 3PracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryPracticalTheoryPractical


and so on this will help you to revise one more time inside your revision In this way you will able to complete 1 revision easily for all 4 exams in just 32 days .

Revision 2 : 13 session for each Subject

In this duration pick 1 subject at once n make sure you will complete whole syllabus in 4 days (12 SESSION) . Now the 1 session is left with you is to judge yourself in exam like conditions. Make exam like conditions and attempt a mock test paper without seeing answers in this way you will able yo completely examine yourself, where you stand actually.


In this way you will complete 2 revisions in 50 days, trust me if you are able to complete this than no one can stop you from passing your exams. Hope you all will follow this. If you have any queries or suggestions just comment below. Or you can connect with me on facebook as well

Written By :

CA Alkit Jain