How to pass CA Final law exam in first attempt

After giving you the study tips of various subjects today we brings to you tips for How to pass CA Final law exam in first attempt . Pls go through the all tips and be asured that you will  pass CA Final law exam in first attempt.


How to pass CA Final law exam in first attempt :-

1.One must go through the Practise Manual issued by ICAI; it will help you understand how you should write your answers in your examination and what actually ICAI expects from Students to come back with.

II. Try to cover up ‘Audit & Accounts’ properly as this is the same topic in Paper 3 and Paper 4 and this covers approx 35 marks in paper 3 and approx 15 Marks in paper 4. So, ensure that you complete this chapter thoroughly while preparing for PAPER 3 as it will save your time in preparation of Paper 4.

III. In case of Allied Laws, if you refer only Practice manual issued by ICAI, it will help you score good marks as questions asked from this section are same and repetitive i.e. asked in previous attempts and Practice manual covers it in better manner.

IV. In theory subject, you should always present your answers in three parts. i.e. Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion. While concluding your answers of company law, you can give reference to clauses of PROFESSIONAL ETHICS, if any that fits into your answers.

V. If you mention relevant section numbers of Companies Act or any other Act relating to your answer, it will surely impress your examiner and there are chances that your will get marks for writing section number.

VI. It sometime happens that you are not able to attempt one subpart of question in that case leave appropriate space for that answer and try to attempt your next best. Attempt the question you left for answering at last.

VII. Law being a vast subject, you need to have a plan for your revision to cover up important topic before exam day.

There are few topics which take lots of time like Directors and SEBI. So, it’s always better to set the order, in which you will complete the syllabus, For example:

Director                     25 Marks

Accounts and Audit     8 Marks

Meetings                    10 Marks

Producer Company      8 Marks

SEBI                          8 Marks

Banking                     8 Marks

Securities Contract

(Regulation) Act         5 Marks

Total                         72 Marks

These 7 topics are more important as per their weight age, so ensure to complete these topics first and rest you can do it in the manner you want.

Hope now you got the idea of How to pass CA Final law exam in first attempt go through our site for more study tips like this.

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