How to pass CA Final Accounts exams by self study

Many of the students asks us How to pass CA Final Accounts exams by self study. so we brings you the best tips to pass  CA Final Accounts exams. Please follow the same for the best results.

i.   Finding  A best Book :   We recommend you M.P. Vijay kumar which  is a very good book or you can say a complete book for preparation of C.A. final  accounts ( F.R ) exams. For Accounting standards we recommend you DS Rawat . These both books are personally followed by me too.
Must follow institute’s Practice Manual for the best preparations and output as we see many repeat Questions in exams.
ii.  Understand the question : Do not just go through the question but solve it completely so that you dont miss the minute details. Also don’t see the solutions first but try to solve the questions on your own.
iii. Understand the Concept :  When you start the topic, always start with the concepts. Be it from the class notes of the coaching classes ( Borrow from your friends)  or from the book itself. Do not jump into the tough or important questions directly but start with the basic questions first. In a nutshell, FOCUS ON BASICS.
iv. Remove redundancy :  While you do the questions, keep marking the key points as well as those questions which cover all the concept points. Whenever there is some distinct point mark that as well as the treatment. So that when you revise all you need to do is those questions which you marked and cover maximum questions.
v. Make a concept copy : In that write down all the key concepts, key points and the formulas chapter wise. Also include all the situations you come across that require different treatment and their solutions as well. This will also help you in revision. When you face the examinations, it is possible you face the same situations and concepts of course, do not change. This will be a boost to both, your confidence and efficiency.


I have observed that CA students generally do not prepare for the AS properly , which are compulsorily asked in Accounts as well as Audit paper and covers around 20 – 25 marks. AS are really very easy to understand and revise so do not  Ignore them . Also do not give time to AS from your predefined scheduled time . Read AS in your free time like; when you think “after half an hour I have to go to meet my friend or go somewhere or to take my lunch / dinner or go to sleep ”. In such case you generally do not start your study for that short span of time because you feel


In this idle time , you should study AS . By doing so , you will save lot of time by not allotting any time to AS from your scheduled time and still be able to prepare for it .

Convert this idle time into idol time 🙂

You can watch video for the same here :

Hope you got some idea of how you can clear your CA Final Accounts exams by self study. We will bring some more for other subjects too. Please share your views also so that students are benefited the most

Thanks for reading !!!!