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1.Never Totally relay on Coaching Classes

Some students have school habits of relying totally on Teachers or tutors. Whatever they have taught is considered enough and what they have left for us is ignored in totality. Teachers have absolutely no exact idea what will come in the exams. One should have a clear apprehension of the syllabus contents of each paper and should realize a responsibility to ensure at the end of classes  that he has covered all there was and that there is no grey area left. Also trainers should not be held responsible for any result. There task is to show us the door, it is our duty to reach up to the door and struck it open!

2.Time management

It is a very important cause of failure. Time has to be managed effectively when studying and in exam hall, especially the time between the end of coaching and exams in CA IPCC, and the leaves period in articleship  has to be precisely managed. It is not easy to manage office and study simultaneously but a well defined approach can fill the gap. The best way is to make a routine, e.g. studying some hours before going to office daily may become a good routine allowing you manage both things effectively. For papers, a timetable should be there, before the start of leaves, for each day and each hour (if possible) showing what has to be done and in what time. This not only ensures that each topic is covered and gets its due share of time but also helps as a control check by showing the gap between planned and actual so that proper mechanisms can be used to cover the gaps and complete the course in time. Time should be properly allotted for revision as well. You have to be an efficient manager to produce effective results!

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3.Last minute preparation phobia

This can be seen in a lot of When they have time they waste it and when papers approach they wish if they had some more time they would have done tons better. What students need to evolve in themselves is a belief system that any time utilized now will provide the fruit  in future however far it may look like. Starting studying at the last moment pushes one in more problems as then time also becomes an enemy,when it was, a could be used weapon, earlier. This dilemma of managing more material in less time should not allow one to blame his circumstances as everyone has the same number of hours available, the passers, the failures and the medal earners as well! You have to start preparing from day one and revise it again and again so that it becomes a part of your cognitive mind and you become a master of your abilities!

4.Lack of confidence and over confidence

both these are too dangerous attributes which lead astray. You need to believe that you are good, which is required, but you are not perfect whether you have a clean history or a history of merit certificates/medals. Also do not indulge in lesser beliefs that you will not be able to deal with the paper despite having  preparation. Passing a paper does not only mean preparing well but also a right mix of confidence, commitment and motivation that you need to devolve in yourself to achieve your goals and which should be reflected n the exam hall.

5.Rote learning

Another typical reason would be rote learning; learning words and not In fact words are only remembered for a short term, it is the concepts that are learned and thus are easy to retain if understood. Testing focuses on concepts and awards conceptual minds.

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How to pass CA EXAMS

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