How To Get Exemption In CA IPCC ACCOUNTS

Today we will give you the complete guide about how to get exemption in accounts subject so read care fully.

How to get Exemption in CA IPCC ACCOUNTS:-

Last minute revision topics & Important tips For (Accounts – IPCC) – Group I
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  1. Solve previous question and examples of Study material of AS. ( 10-12 MARKS ) For previous year papers you can use scanner or practice manuals.
  2. Amalgamation and once read out journal Entries of Internal Reconstruction. ( 16 Marks )
  3. Cash Flow Statement –( 8 Marks)
  4. Bonus Issue & Incomplete Record ( 12-16 Marks )
  5. Account current & theory chapter specially focus on Pre package software topic.(4-10 marks)
  6. Read out Format of Rev. Schedule VI called as schedule iii
  7. In partnership accounting read question properly in first 15 minutes itself and make sure it will not waste your time otherwise you will not be able to attempt whole paper.
  8. Start each answer from new page.
  9. Solve all sub parts of one question at same place.
  10. Make proper formats and headings
  11. make proper working notes it plays a vitalrole in step marking. whatever calculation you do name it as working note .
  12. don’t pay unnecessary time in solving particular question Because
    1 question mai fass gye to vo aapke baaki questions ko bhi. le dubega
  13. if you are using any formula in your solution then first write it and after that put numbers or figures in it . This will show your knowledge about formulaes

  14. Always do RTP’s

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Tips to Pass IPCC
Tips to Pass IPCC TAX Exam

Topics that you cant miss in IPCC Accounts –
1. AS – 2,7,9 and 10 ( 8-10 marks )
2. Theory question on Revised Schedule . VI ( Treatment on some of the particular item). ( 4 Marks )
3. Theory Question on Managerial Remuneration. ( 4 Marks )
4. Cash Flow Statement ( 8 marks )
5. Average Due Date/ Account Current ( 5-8 Marks )
6. Amalgamation and Internal Reconstruction ( 16 Marks ).
7. Bonus Issue (5-8 Marks )
8. Incomplete Records ( 8 Marks )
9. Accounting treatment of Goodwill in case of changing in profit sharing Ratio ( 5 marks )
10. 16 Marks Question from the Partnership chapter.
11. Pre – packaging software or Customized accounting packages
12. Hire Purchase (Installment Payment Method or calculation of missing figures ) ( 8 marks)

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