How to get Exemption in CA Final SFM

As we know SFM is the most scoring paper in CA Final and most of students get more than 60 in it while some does not even get passed in this subject ,  the main reason behind this failure is absence of proper planning. Many students asks me How to get Exemption in CA Final SFM ??..  So I have written few essential tips that will surely help You all to get more than 60 marks in this particular paper.

Following are some points which will help you  to get Exemption in CA Final SFM :-

1. Make chapter wise formula notes, very neat and systematic. Try writing the formula yourself as you will learn as you write. So, avoid getting the formula booklet photocopied.
– cover each formula and the alternative formulas as well. You never know which formula comes to use in which situation.
– always link the formulas with logic. This will deepen your understanding of the subject and will strengthen your concepts.

2. The best book for SFM according to me is the study material provided by the institute. I would suggest never ignore the study material or the practice manual.
– If however you need reference, SD Bala is a very good book. If you need more questions to practice, you may go for Ashish Kalra.
– Never look at the solutions when you solve the questions, instead always try and solve them based on your concepts.

3. SFM is a practice based subject, therefore never mug up the questions. the more you practice, the better you perform.

4. When you start the studies, always start with the class notes followed by the concept based small questions then go for bigger ones. do not directly jump onto bigger ones, at times we make silly concept based mistakes and lose marks.

ALL THE BEST for your Upcoming exams …

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