How to clear CA Final DT Exam

Direct taxes is always seems to be a tricky paper in CA Exams . Some students get more than 60 in it while some does not even get passed in this subject ,  the main reason behind this failure is absence of proper planning. Many students asks me How to clear CA Final DT Exam ??..  So I have written few essential tips that will surely help You all to get more than 60 marks in this particular paper.


Direct Tax laws is one of those subjects that has enormous course and yet is easy to pass if you plan your studies well.

1. Vinod Gupta’s modules are by the the best material available for the subject. There is memorandum explaining finance bill, which is of great help in understanding the provisions of the law. Moreover, the set comes along with a SUMMARY MODULE, which is of great help when it comes to revision.
2. Along with the above mentioned modules, RTPs of the institute and the latest case laws should not be ignored. They hold a lot of importance and weightage in the examinations.
3. Past year questions can be done from LATEST PRACTICE MANUAL. Do not do it from the out dated one as you are at risk of writing the wrong answer.
4. The latest amendments hold the utmost importance, Do them very well. Make it a habit to revise this subject every alternate day. Do not lose touch and get the subject washed out.
5. Last but not the least, do your paper very calmly. Here also, you can limit your coverage to 90% or even 85% but do it well. Keep your nerves and all will go well.
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