How to apply for Import Export Code License


  1. First of all go to site-
  1. Then click on “online iec application” bar on the left hand side.
  1. On clicking in online iec application tab a screen will appear which will require the following details:

Pan number

Mobile number

Email id

  1. Then enter pan number, mobile number & email id but keep one thing in mind that the mobile number & email id which you are providing while generating token (also known as otp) first time will be used for rest of the process so kindly use that email id & mobile number which is with the person involved in the process of getting import export code.
  1. After generating token there comes a screen which has tabs on its left side under which information has to be filled.
  1. First tab is of “master data” under which user will provide the information of the assessee business i.e. Suppose in case of company-it’s name, address, type of importer, company email id, etc.
  1. Under second tab on the left hand side is of “director/partner/proprietor/etc.” Detailis to be mentioned i.e. Suppose in case of director- it’s din number, name, address, pan number, mobile number,email id,etc. Is to be filled.
  1. Then after directors details it’s time for entering its “branch detail” (if any).
  1. Now is time for making payment online which can be only made through net banking and not by any other means now a days such as rs 500/- in case of partnership firms under the tab “application fee”.
  1. Now after making payment you can verify your payment status also by clicking on “verify fee” which is next to the application fee tab which clearly shows that whether the payment has been succesfully made or not.
  1. Then you have to upload some documents under “attachments” tab which i will be explaining in detail in next article (which will vary as per the status of the assessee).
  1. A tab named “check list” is there which ensure that the documents uploaded and information provided (filled) by you should be same (such as name on the pan card provided in directors detail/master data is same as on income tax database.) You should ensure that the answers to the points mentioned checklist should be yes if there is any point of which your reply is no then you should ensure that before submitting the application it has been corrected.
  1. Now after filing all the details and attaching files you need to click on the “preview” tab under which all the details including fee payment details will also be shown which at a glance shows you hows your           form anf-2a will be.
  1. After completing all the steps mentioned above you now need to have your form get printed by clicking on the “print application” tab and get it signed by the authorised person i.e. Director/partner/proprietor/etc. On every single page bearing stamp also.
  1. After getting it attested you have to upload (form anf-2a) it under attachments tab.
  1. Now you have to submit application online but there are 2 options to submit aapplication:
  2. With digital signature, and
  3. Without digital signature.
  • If you submit application with digital signature then you need not to send hard copy of the attachments with printed form to concerned dgft under cla (clearing licensing authority) department but when you submit application online without digitally signing it then you have to send through speed post/registered post with self addressed a4 size envelope bearing stamp of rs.30/- in total inside that envelope containing all others papers with form anf-2a(i.e. Iec application form).
  • For submitting application with digital sign. You need to have dsc of class-iii, class 2 signature will not work.

Note: you have to send all the documents with in 15 days of submitting application online in (b) case.

After processing all the documents at cla, dgft will issue iec electronically which can be downloaded by logging into dgft account which is used to create iec application which usually takes near about 10-15 days.

(there is no tatkal type of option/service for iec license.)

Rest procedure regarding documents will be provided in my next article.


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Aman garg