Dear friends all of us has to face theory papers at every stage of CA Exams except for multiple choice question during common proficiency test. It was generally seen that more than 80 % of CA students feel uncomfortable in writing answer sheet during theory papers such as information technology & strategic management at CA IPC level and Information system control Audit at CA Final Level. Although Audit & Assurance and Law paper comes under the category of theory papers to some extent.

So I am gonna tell you the methods of writing answers for this type of papers and how to get more marks by writing less in exams.

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Read the question atleast 2 times before thinking or writing its answer. This activity will help you answering more correct and to the point answer for the question asked by the examiner.

Determine what kind of question has been asked by the examiner. Whether its answer is in “YES” or “NO” or examiner is asking just definition or direct answer just like B.Com exams.


If you have already determined the type of question as prescribed in step one now the time has come to write the answer. If question requires answer in yes or no .i.e question asked that whether particular act done by anyone is allowed or not etc. then you have to write the very first word of your answer as YES or NO in large font.

Proper care should be given to the point that write YES or No only when you are 100% sure about the answer. If you are sure then by just writing YES or NO as very first word of your answer you will get 30 % of the marks of your question.


Facts of the case: – In the second step you had already answered the question as YES or NO. Now the turn come of giving answer in detail.

At this step you have to write the facts of the case as written in the question. This is the simplest step of the question as you don’t need to run your mind to find anything. Everything is available for you in question paper free of efforts. For candidates who are not 100% sure about the answer this was your first step for writing answer.


This step is going to end your answer. In this step you have to give your opinion about the answer.

If you are 100% sure about the answer then clearly write that in my opinion …….(this was my answer) but if you not confident regarding the answer then you have to play game with the examiner. You have to write in such a way that examiner will know that even if your answer is wrong but atleast you have some sort of knowledge regarding the concept of the question.

So if you don’t know the answer then write the full concept/section regarding the question and at the end of your paragraph write that according to abovementioned law/concept this is the answer.

Some other general tips for writing answer in exams

FIRST – Always try to write in points rather than writing newspaper type answers in exams.

SECOND – Be specific. Don’t try to extend the length of your answer. In any case your answer should not reach to second page of the answer sheet.

THIRD – Always start answering question on new page. Each answer of the question paper should be on new page.

FOURTH – Try GEL PEN instead of using Ball Pen.

FIFTH – Don’t try to make fool of examiner. If you don’t have even 1% of knowledge regarding the answer then skip that question instead of writing wrong answer. If you writing purposely wrong answer only to fill sheets then you are irritating examiner and this will not help you in getting good marks.

SIXTH – Start your paper with the question on which you have 100% command. If your first three four question are right then you have more chances to get good marks even if you have not performed well in rest of the paper. First 3-4 sheets of your answer sheet should not include any cutting or page skip etc.

All the above tips are on the basis of my personal experiences and opinion of other persons can be different from mine. If you have any feedback or query regarding this article you can write in comments section below.

Source :- This article is provided to us by CA Prashant Sharma via Email.

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