Friends with the results approaching, everyone is nervous regarding what will happen. However, if you take the positive side of it, some of you will become Chartered Accountants. This will be a big turn in your life and I wish all the best to the ones who are expecting their results in about a month’s time. I request you to stay positive till you actually have your result in front of you and think only good things, because, as per a popular book positive thoughts attract positive events in life.

Coming to my article, today I picked up something that will take most CAs down the memory lane when they saw their results and it is something all Future Chartered Accountants are anxious to know, which is, HOW IT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE TO BE A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT?
 First and foremost whatever the feeling is, it vanishes after first 6 months one year depending upon person to person. Here are the few things which almost every one experiences:-
1. It takes time for the feeling to sink in. Yes, in a few minutes you suddenly are a CA and for most of the people it is unexpected. It happens that all of a sudden a thought crosses our mind that OMG we are CA now and everything brightens up for a while. It really does happen and according to me it is the most beautiful feeling.
2. Outsiders start respecting you the moment they know you are now a CA. This also is true. All the people who previously thought you are not good enough to be a CA have got an answer and they are surprise and shocked. And those who always have been your well wishers are proud of you. Whatever be the reason but you earn the respect of both kinds of people.
3. Your parents take a lot more pride to inform people that their son/daughter is a CA now. Your parents are the ones who are more happy than you yourself. They tell the people around them, call the relatives and inform them and as a result, you get more calls than you had ever expected. Seeing parents so proud is divine.
4. You suddenly regain a lot of confidence that you had lost while facing examinations and you realise that you actually are worth something and also better than a lot of people. When CA Alkit Jain was asked about his feelings right after clearing the CA examinations, all he said was “I felt I AM THE BEST”.
5. You get a few clients who expect you to file their returns free of cost. Yes, this is one of the hilarious experiences. All your relatives and neighbours congratulate you and then say now we have a CA in the family, at least we will save our return filing fees.
6. You enjoy better attention from the opposite sex. Not all the time but generally. You get that extra bit of attention that you would not have got as a student. Especially boys, after becoming CA can get a lot more attention as girls know that this one can earn.
7. You suddenly start getting a lot of marriage proposals. Yes this is also true. People link your degree with financial stability, progress and high level of affluence. There suddenly are lot of people who want their sons/daughters married to you. The relatives whom you had never known in your life start approaching your family with the marriage proposals for their acquaintances and really want you to get married now, keeping aside your career, or any other future plans. For girls it gets sour as pressure builds up on them as family asserts them to get married but it really is funny in general.
So, these were a few points, I’m sure there are some more experiences worth sharing, do share them in the comments.. I hope this article brought a smile on your face and for all the people expecting their results, all the best! I hope you experience all of the above really soon!
Written By :- CA Manisha Jain