Helpful tips to pass CA Exam In first Attempt

This article is meant for students who are unable to click in their exams yet.

“Never regrets on your failures. Try to find out your mistakes and learn your lesson. Always remember that, behind every successful man there is a lot of unsuccessful years.”  

Following are the Helpful tips to pass CA Exam In first Attempt

  1. Do not depends wholly on your teacher, make your own concept of study always remember that after passing the exams, Market demands that you should be a great thinker and an innovative person. Remember that almost 95% of student takes tuition in recent year the said ration is about 50 to 60% in early 2000. But you will see that passing % is not improving hence take teacher as your guide who can guide you not as your master who can drive you.
  2. Give more stress on understanding learning rather than learning.
  3. Believe in yourself remember that nothing is impossible in the world.
  4. Find out your weak subjects and strong subjects make strong to stronger to cover your aggregate and convert weak into strong.
  5. Starts early do not wait for last 3 months.
  6. Also Read – 5 things that ICAI don’t want you do
  7. Find out best available books in the market and read them do not just depends on your coaching teacher notes.
  8. Solve previous year questions paper as much as u can.
  9. Make your own way of study and must be innovative.

Hope you like the Helpful tips to pass CA Exam In first Attempt and m sure you all will follow it

Thank you!!

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