In CA final ton of traps out there waiting for you to fall into them.I intend to impart by this book which will help you to avoid those traps. This book is a recipe to equip yourselves against ISCA. My goal is not to teach you any ISCA, but rather to help you put some newly way to drive ISCA in your way to crack it. You will get a rudimentary understanding of the basic concepts behind every concept in eye blinking time.

This is one of enumerable self-help book to Each chapter concludes with a summary statement of the key areas that you learned to do, even if you missed in reading. A synopsis of what is covered in each of the chapters can be found in the Outline section immediately after the Introduction. An Alternate of 400 page Institute Study Material in Just 170 pages. It will not have any mnemonics but will contain lot of charts which will help you in your exams

The author of the book is Mr. Sudeep Mangla, This book can be purchased online from below link

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