Experience of a CA Student : Suggestion and Tips

heyyy friends.. today i’m gonna discuss a few things related to CA exams based on my past experience.. since this is my first article, hope you guys wouldn’t mind any grammatical error! and thanks to my bro (CA Prashant Sharma) for motivating me to write something related to CA Exams that, acc. to him would surely gonna boost some confidence in our young FCA’s..

Lets start with the bottom line, what according to me are the possible reasons of this pass n fail scenario..

1. I remember, when we were in 10th standard, everybody used to say that u surely gonna have to work hard.. less than 90% n no school will gonna accept you in science stream or commerce stream.. n blah blah.. n then in 12th standard, the same quote was thrown to us as to score more than 90% or else no admission in any renowned college.. so we worked acc. to that mindset only to score more than 90%. Now when we entered CA, everyone was like “ITS CA, bas 200 aa jaaye..(50%) jaada nhi maangte hum..” so we tend to start study keeping in mind the target of that 50% only! n thats the reason of our FAiLuRE.. the fear (hauwa) of getting 50%.. restricts our mind to that 200 mark only..(50%) ab hum padhte hi 50 k liye h.. 40 ka mushkil se sahi krke aate h.. no. 30 aate h.. phr rote h.. gaaliya dete h.. now what if, agar hum 100 ka padh k jaaye.. 80 ka to krke ayenge hi atleast.. aur jnaab, 80 me se 50 to naach k ayenge.. ab aur kya chahiye sirji.. “soch badlo.. result badlega!!”
2. Also sometimes due to lack of time or whatever may be the reasons, students are unable to prepare the whole syllabus n then they panic.. “For all those students, who at that time prefer hard work.. please just go for smart work!” Here i’ll relate my real life experience.. it was my CA final costing paper.. i couldn’t prepare well.. was confused as to how shall i prepare the subject well enough to clear it.. Preferred smart work.. Went for Selective study.. Prepared OR n some cost chapters mainly budget, standard, ABC costing well.. rest was just undone.. the D-DAY came.. When i studied the paper in that 15 min reading time.. i analysed that i could attempt like 60-65 marks paper only.. Didn’t panic.. knew that there was just no time constraint for me.. Was just focusing on giving the best shot in that 60-65 marks attempt.. started attempting question properly.. taking ample time to analyze n drafting the presentation accordingly.. at the end managed to attempt just 68 marks paper.. but was happy coz i knew i gave my best shot.. met my friends outside.. everyone was like.. “bhai 85 ka kar diya.. 15 ka reh gya.. bda lengthy tha yaar..” when result came.. i scored 53 marks out of just 68 marks attemptation.. n my few frns who went for attempting the whole paper were merely passing on 42 43.. What i’m trying to say is that, “It doesnt matter if you have studied that 100 marks syllabus for just one time.. what matters is that 50 60 marks syllabus that you have studied for like 100 times.. hope you guys got my point!!
3. INSTITUTE PRACTICE MANUAL(PM) IS THE BASE TO CLEAR CA EXAMS.. I’m not saying avoid coaching classes or coaching material.. What i’m trying to say is that after reading all the material you have.. don forget to go thru institute latest PM along with RTP’s n Mock test papers to give you a better understanding of where you stand.. Once you go thru the PM, It really boost your confidence while appearing in exams.. coz more or less on an avg. of 30-40 marks paper is directly asked from PM in each subject or related to concepts being provided in PM.. however exceptions may always be there.. or you can say that luck factor.. but still in my opinion its totally worth it & a win-win situation.. Remember Smart work Strategy! wink emoticon

& Last but not the least.. after effects of failure.. the problem of giving up.. thinking like its over!! we’re not capable of anything n would end up being a nobody.. I too have been stuck in this process of pass n fail for a quite long.. so can exactly relate as to how it feels to be in such a situation where it seems to be no hope.. no life.. hehe.. but you gradually start accepting thats how life works.. remember guys, nobody is perfect in this damn world.. if you exist in this world, there’s surely gonna be a reason as to why you’re here.. search for that reason!!:) there’s been a saying, “patjhad k baad aate hai din bahaar k.. jeena kya jeewan se haar k..” one paper just cant decide your future.. mind it.. you know guys there’s a law of attraction that works around us.. How we feel tends to happen with us in our real life too.. “If you surround yourself with -ve vibes, things would surely gonna end on a worse note.. n if you think +ve.. things will started getting right automatically..smile emoticon” so no matter how well your exams r going on or how ur life’s going on, just stay +ve.. think +ve.. result would always be in your favour..like emoticon Remember; Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again!! Before ending my so called boring article, would like to share a few inspirational lines that our Jain baba (Ajay Jain Sir) would used to say to us..
“Often the goal is nearer than it seems to a faint & faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up, when he might have captured the victor’s cup..
And he learned too late when the night came down;
How close he was to the golden crown..

Written By : Ayush Jain

You can contanct him @ ca.jainayush@outlook.com