Error Made by CA Students in CA Exams

In this post we are highlighting few common Error Made by CA Students in CA Exams in Accounts subject. These points has been published in ICAI Jouranal making them more relevant. Go through the all points and share it with your friends if you like it 🙂

Error Made by CA Students in CA Exams : Accounts

  • Most of the students go for selective study at the time of preparation. Consequently, they are not able to gain confidence on the subject and also the surety to fare well in the exam.
  • In practical papers, students do not focus on theoretical / conceptual understanding of the topic. Theory questions are generally skipped at the time of preparation. Any twist in the question dumps them in the state of confusion which ultimately is reflected in their solutions/answers.
  • Practical / numerical questions require written practice without referring the solution in the first go. However, many students solve practical questions orally on calculator. By doing this they do not apply their mind fully rather they simply endorse the solution given in the material. For development of analytical skill, and proper understanding of the concept, it is essential that students do written practice of each and every question by hand. This will also help them in time management and gaining
  • In practical question, lots of computations are Students apply correct concepts/ knowledge but many a times err in the calculation. These calculation mistakes may occur either due to consideration of wrong figures or error in addition in place of subtraction and vice versa.
  • Students sometimes arrive at correct calculation but falter at the time of copying it in their answer sheet i.e. they unconsciously interchange the digit places of the amount, for example1025 written as 1052.
Error Made by CA Students in CA Exams : Accounts
Error Made by CA Students in CA Exams
  • One of the common errors committed by the students is wrong carry forward of the amounts from one page to another. This results into mistake in all the further computations, wherever that amount is used, and loss of marks.
  • In Accounts, formats play an important role in the presentation of the financial statements. It is observed that students solve the questions correctly but do not prepare their financial statements in the applicable formats especially in Paper 5 : Advanced Accounting at Intermediate (IPC) level (with respect to Corporate entities, Banking and Insurance companies) and in Paper 1 : Financial Reporting at Final level for corporate entities.
  • Students give irrelevant details even for small question thereby spending unnecessary time on the question which is not required. It is advised that students should restrict their answers according to the marks allotted to that question.
  • It is observed that all the parts of the question are not answered in continuity. Also each answer was not started from a fresh page by many students.
  • Working Notes form part of the solution and carry marks. However, it is found that students directly calculate the amounts on the calculator and write the same in the main solution without substantiating it with the help of the necessary working notes. This is one of the main reasons of losing vital marks.
  • In theory questions or on accounting standard based questions, students do not read the requirements of the question properly and present vague answers without sufficient explanation and reason. For example, question requires to ‘the treatment of the transaction’ and students calculate the amount and end the answer without substantiating the same with the relevant provisions of the accounting standards and the presentation in the financial statements. Though they calculate correct figure, still they will score less or no marks.


  • At many places, assumptions are required to be mentioned in the solution since it is the base on which your solution is derived. Students overlook this and though solve the question by taking assumption but fail to mention the same in the solution thereby losing marks.
  • Students sometimes mention wrong Accounting Standard name and number or the para numbers in their solution. It is advised, if they are not sure, then they should avoid mentioning it. Wrong quoting of AS name and number may lead to deduction of marks.


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