Corruption in Professional coaching classes of CA / CS

Heard of POLITICS in a STATE or a COUNTRY? Ever came across diplomacy in tutorial classes? Sounds haphazard and mind boggling right..?

Read on to find out why??

Corruption in Professional coaching classes of CA / CS  etc..
There are classes umm… various classes and the hoardings crying wailing out for joining their best reputed classes for desirable success in whatsoever professional or courses they have to offer you coaching for. Now. What exactly ruins my brain is, if ,you’re not satisfied with the coaching of a particular subject and the teacher is jus in a rush to comprehend and has a targeted duration of completing the syllabus and you decide to give a shot to another tutor whom you know has done outstandingly well in subject. But what exactly happens is they decide to create time clashes and make plots so that you aren’t anchored to the tutor who justifies. What the heck.. Really.. .

Ultimately you get to know about the ongoing politics between the classes. Why is it that you need to sign a bond? Even if a student like me has been obstructed like this it creates a mental turbulence in the brain and you are jus pushed to pay the price for a decision you know was the most accurate of awl.. And the classmates are jus envious. If you can’t stand for what is right and be vigilant enough to accept the fact you’re a bag of shit. I must say this needs to be halted. In a small city wherein I reside if this is persistent I can’t think of the turmoil students who have that caliber be going through at this POT. Please the concepts required in the subjects are of core importance. Rather than the politics classes are playing.
Ruining thus the introverted brains of students.


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