Common Mistakes made by CA Students in ITSM Exam

In this post we are highlighting few common mistakes Made by CA Students in CA IPCC ITSM Exam. These points has been published in ICAI Jouranal making them more relevant. Go through the all points and share it with your friends if you like it.

Common Mistakes made by CA Students in Information Technology Exam

  • Lack of conceptual clarity: Due to lack of clarity, candidates fail to comprehend the technical essence of the question and provide a generalized answer,that leads to losing of the marks. They tend to provide general or vague answers that do not cater to the requirement of the question. They write what they know about the topic rather than providing what has been asked in the question.
  • Disproportionate answers: Instead of providing specific and to-the-point answers, candidates at times write the answers that are not commensurate with the marks allotted to the questions.
  • Poor presentation skills: Candidates exhibit the inability to form correct complete sentences and commit various grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Emphasize on headings only: Candidates seem to mainly emphasize on the headings pertaining to the topics and fail to express appropriately in the examination.
  • Handwriting illegible: Candidates at times do not fetch marks due to their illegible handwriting.

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Common Mistakes made by CA Students in Strategic Management Exam

  • Lack of conceptual clarity: It appears that many students are doing selective studies and not devoting enough time to the subject.
  • Providing general, vague and irrelevant answers. Answering what the students know instead of what has been asked in the question paper.
  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes. Inability to form correct sentences. Th ere are often issues in vocabulary, language and presentation of the answers.
  • writing illegibly.
  • Inability to express. Provide right arguments to substantiate the views. For example, in the questions of type correct/incorrect, often students are able to correctly identify the correctness of sentences but are not able to give the reasons

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