Dear CA Institute, Members & Students,

Please spare little time to read this long message (the length is unintended) as it is important to all of us.

I am writing this post/letter with great pain and sadness. Lately it has become a trend that every other minister/govt official/govt representatives who are ‘Invited’ at CA functions/seminars speak ill about our fraternity, openly call us theives and perpetrators of financial crimes. The part that they do so does not make me sad, but the fact that we end up clapping for them and believing ‘ki sahi bol gya’ saddens me.

Today even the PM could do so, in front of 21k people in the stadium, 34k people waiting outside to get in. Last year the FM disrespected, the last budget seminar that I attended, Secretary, Ministry of finance could very conveniently blame us for the every growing Tax chori.

So How doest it matter? How does it affect us? Sahi to kah rahe hai!! I will tell you How. When the PM/CMs/FM call us agents (dalals), every other people start doing so and every other businessman that we meet and when our elected ICAI representatives do not object, we also dont have the courage to object. Infact, we start believing these talks, these namecallings.

But is it so. Are we just dalals. Are we the people behind these Tax evasions. Are we the real criminals. Think about it. Half of the fraternity ( 1.25 lakhs approx) are in jobs, having no role in these crimes. Remaining half, the ones in practice! Do we instigate the clients to not pay tax. Do we suggest them. NO! No! A very Big No. Every single client (educated or uneducated) knows what tax is and they are the ones who steal/evade tax. We try to do our work but do we get the deserved fees for the work that we are suppossed to do. Do we get the security to be doing that work. No. Do we really have power to stop corruption. No. Does not these ministers/officials and these businessman create a web wherein the fraternity get trapped. No one is more willing than the CA Professionals to make the country tax compliant. We have literaly given our youth reading and understanding these laws. We get into the profession hoping that we become respected consultants/educationists/auditors.

We as a profession have helped the country, we have contributed like none others, every single penny of the 16 Lakh Crore (Tax Collection) goes through us. We have walked hand in hand with the government to take our economy to such extent. I still remember we were a 4l akh cr economy when i started preparing for CA. My seniors, I hope can vouch for even more modest numbers. I can go on and on!!

The whole point of this post is that we should stop believing what these people call us or accuse us of, we should object, we should resist any further attempts to demonise us. We are the backbone of the economy. We should request these Central coucil/Regional Council members to stop being just photo-op seekers and to take this cause and make it clear to these ‘invitees’ to behave or to not expect votes next time. Small changes that we initiate would go a long way.

We are as old as this independent country is. We are as honest as the Citizens are. Let us forward the message. Let us be united. Let us question ourselves, but not allow people to brand us collectively. LET US RESPECT OURSELVES COZ WE DESERVE IT.


Decide yourself !!


Written By :- CA Ankit Khemka


  1. I dare my PM to go to any institution granting doctoral degrees in our country and call them murderers. Afterall the death rates due to medical negligence by these doctors exceeds the number of deaths caused by any major disease. There is 110% increase in these numbers every year. Would he dare do it? I don’t think so. And the simple reason he won’t is because he won’t be spared by those medical associations for defaming their whole organisation. Who has given him the right to paint a whole profession based on what few loonies do. Similarly why would you call CAs theif when all they do is to catch the.wrong doers while auditing. If ICAI has to remain a respectable institution it needs to.wake up and do some soul searching.Otherwise some day bright Students won’t want to do CA because it is such a degree.And public would want it to be scrapped. All because we couldn’t stand up against those maligning us for being something which we are not…

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