Who is the Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

Since I joined CA, I was very much keen to know that who are the chartered accountants managing wealth of Bollywood celebrities. Today I got to know one of such firms that is associated with Shah Rukh Khan and probably some other Bollywood stars as well. So I wanted to share with our readers as well. Who is the Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

While browsing few questions on Quora I got the answer of this question. Quora user Mansi desai answerd “I know this because he is father of my friend. His name is mr. Rajaram. Ajagaonkar and he works as Mr. Shahrukh Khan’s Chartered accountant. Beyond this I don’t know how he got to work with him”.

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Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan
Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

Our team searched about Mr. Rajaram and found that his firm’s name is R.M. Ajgaonkar & Associates, they have not disclosed their clients name for obvious reasons ( To follow ICAI Code of conducts )

You can visit firms website here :- http://www.rmaassociates.co.in/

If you also know chartered accountants working for some famous personalities then do comment below. We will definitely like to know about them.  Keep visiting canotes.in for more such interesting facts and updates  also like our facebook page on which we regularly post such updates daily :- CA Rockstars

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