Changes in CA Final syllabus ISCA


Many students, have indicated there is too much Changes in CA Final syllabus. surprising many got fear of such changes…


This article is one to make you aware what are the Changes in CA Final syllabus  (ISCA) academically. But more importantly to make you aware how to read the changes in subject called IT [remember its like science–in which old base remains but new discover enhance your knowledge].


“change is only the constant”


We strongly recommend, student not to panic for any revision any time.Behave like CA. In this revision you will easily observe that, there are comparative less changes, than those you observe in income tax act changes, as changes,etc.


Read the revision – by simple comparison.


Addition what you see are regrouping or making more additional content–which i as usually say

you know many thing, but you do not know, you know many things.


When there is revision, do not panic – believe on yourself…believe me,it shall be easy to incorporate this Changes in CA Final syllabus –remember “you are man of 21st century”

so what you are about to learn more is already known to you in other simple words…what is required is regrouping and more categorization in way of academic.


We do strongly recommend. whatsoever deleted, does not mean they are use less or what you have learn additional is waste….“never ever think it”


Its mere academic Changes in CA Final syllabus . All you learn will enhance your knowledge…so in future also–whatsoever you missed let it be in old revision or old syllabus –it will help you in your practical life.[hence we do give student old as well as new course and version] –so that it not only help them grow academically but can use all the knowledge even after qualification for their growth]


With this,i trust this article though is mainly academically, but its taken in true spirit of learning. understand revision in all type of subject, no panic, behave like CA


So,let me brief in one line the Changes in CA Final syllabus of ISCA.— you will observe, 70–80% concept you have Learn, remains same.

Changes in CA Final Syllabus
Changes in CA Final Syllabus

Changes in CA Final syllabus  ISCA

Chp.1–more information of Cobit 5 ,however concept of risk assessment is been mixed. earlier chapter on risk assessment is removed.

Chp.2–same as earlier chp 1, very minor change of adding role of information–concept remain same.

Chp.3–mixture of earlier chp. 9 and 3. hence no major change. Cyber fraud added which you are aware already.

Chp.4– bcm points added,concept remain same. Its more likes DLC .

Chp5. same as earlier chp 2. small internal control points added.

Chp.6. mix of earlier chp 3 and 9. also restoration of earlier syllabus chp. 13 and 14 of mics. concept remain same.

Chp7–mix of earlier chp 10 & 8. addition point.“requirements of various authorities for system controls &audit”

Chp.8–emerging technology, mobile,social, byod &green it.-it same which you use and see practically in daily life.


Majorly erp chapter is been removed.testing, risk assessment & drafting of policy, international standards,chapter major points are removed.this,in our view makes academic syllabus more easy, however,we recommended in future,you to go through this chapter, which provide more detail on related topic, which will help you in your professional life.


So professionals ,enjoy more knowledge…



Credits of this Article Goes to :-


CA Vipul Dhulla [C.A. , D.I.S.A]


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