NEVER GIVE UPCA Students Should Never Give up

I was just wondering in the Morning about life of a CA student and I must say that its not that much easy.
Everyone of us know how difficult it is to manage Studies with classes, apprenticeship, training and studies all together.
Our day starts with rushing for the classes and ends on doing late night self study..
We all put our heart, mind and soul just to attain that one prestigious degree. We sacrifices almost everything for that one single degree.. We stay away from our parents far away from our native place, study when our friends are enjoying
The CA profession demands sacrifice and all of us even  do it

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But in the mid way some of the students give up ..CA Students Should Never Give up
The Que is why ?

I wanna ask them all.. Are your efforts over.? What about the sacrifices that u did till now? How can u forget that not only your efforts will be in vain but also the hard earned money of your parents will b wasted!
and most importantly.


I know there is lot of pressure and exhaustiveness due to reattempts.. But coming out of that pressure and tackling all the problems coming in the way leads to success..
I urge you all,before you think to quit just close your eyes for once and ask yourself..


I just want u all to understand.. Quitting is not the ultimate solution.. We have many students with us who failed in their earlier attempts but then succeeded they did it with with flying colors!

That is what I want to tell never give up i saw many people quitting ca because it required lot of hard work and many leaving because they didnt make it at first i mean really?

when you choose CA you not only choose to be proffesional but also you have to be optimistic at all the parts of it

failures come with the package

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Taste of succes would not have been better if it was without failure. so take failure as a second chance to improve your numbers to do better than before to prove yourself

dont let the faiure put you down rather put the failure down and face whats next with a pride.lets do it guys lets be positive ca is difficult because we are being trained to be uttmost proffesionalism and if we act like we cant do it then we really cant do it

believe in yourself we can do it


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Just read this again and think twice about this.

CA Notes always encourage CA Students to just perform well and never remove your focus from your ultimate goal that is CA .